• Other bags

  • Transparent plastic bags with adhesive tape

    Bags, Gift packaging, Other bags, Deco package, Other packaging materials, Plastic bags

    Transparent bags

    With adhesive tape

    • Bags made from 25 mkr. thicknes CPP

    Starting at €3,90 €3,22

    incl. Tax
  • Polyethylene transparent Mini Grip seal bags

    Bags, Other bags, Plastic bags

    Mini Grip seal bags

    Block Reclosable

    • Transparent on both sides

      Made from: 40 mkr. thickness polyethylene

    Starting at €0,55 €0,45

    incl. Tax
  • Plastic tin-ties for closing paper or plastic bags

    Bags, Food packaging, Bags for food packaging, Bags for food, Deco package, Gift packaging, Other bags, Other packaging materials, Other food packaging



    • The length of the strip is 10 cm
      Suitable for bags up to 8 cm. width

    Starting at €1,80 €1,49

    incl. Tax
  • Protective air bubble bags made of two-layer bubble film

    Bags, Bubble wrap, Warehousing bubble wrap, Cushioning, Shipping cushioning, Other bags, Shipping materials, Warehousing

    Air bubble bags

    Color - light blue

    • The film weight - 50 g/m2
      Bubble diameter - 3x10 mm

    Starting at €13,00 €10,74

    incl. Tax
  • PE foam bags closing with ductape or slip

    Bags, Cushioning, Other bags, Sale, Shipping materials, Shipping cushioning

    Foam bags

    Made of 2 mm polyethylene film

    • Easy closing with ductape or slip

    Starting at €0,13 €0,11

    incl. Tax