Printing on paper bags

Individually, according to your requirements, we put two sacks on the bags - silkscreen and offset. At the bottom, you can get a better idea of the differences in printing methods, examples, prices.

Silk-screen printing bags:

Silk-screen printing prices (excluding VAT), bags sold separately (assortment)

Quantities 100 200 500 1000+
1 color €0.47 €0.32 €0.18 €0.14
2 colors €0.65 €0.48 €0.26 €0.20
3 colors €0.84 €0.64 €0.34 €0.26
4 colors €1.03 €0.80 €0.42 €0.32
      • Screen printing - semi-manual press loading method, when the stamp is already on the finished bags.
      • Printing can be made in small quantities (you can produce less than 100 pcs. bags, only in this case, you pay for 100 pcs. stamps on the bags, and bags as much as you buy, such as 50 pcs.)
      • We make printing only on our range of bags, assortment. The knobs can be of several types - screwed or flat, depending on the bag you choose.
      • The price includes the price of the bag + the price of the press. In the table below the prices of silkscreen, you need to add the price of the bag to select the appropriate bag for the price of the press.
      • With the use of silkscreen technology, we can print up to 4 colors. Colors can not go into shades, they must have a solid color.
      • Production deadline 10 working days.

Silk-screen printing examples:

Prices are for example: 240x100x360 mm brown TWIST bag, 300 pc. 2 color logo on both sides: 0.17 (bag price) + 0.88 (press price- 2 colors, 2 bag sides) = 1.05 € / pc, prices excluding VAT.


Offset printing paper bags:

Offset printing prices (excluding VAT), bags included in the price

Quantities 300 500 1000 2000+

170x70x250, A5





130x90x400, for the bottles

230x80x330, A4

330x100x230, A4

350x110x250, A4

200x80x200, A4













400x120x320, A3

€2.34 €1.77 €1.39 €1.25
  • Offset printing paper is placed on the automatic mode and only then cut and flex bags.
  • Unlimited number of colors, you can print a photo.
  • The printing covers the entire area of the bag.
  • Handle colors selection.
  • You can choose from 7 most popular bag sizes. 
  • There are different laminating options: Glossy - the bag reflects the light or Matte - the bag absorbs the light.
  • Paper thickness 170 g/m2.
  • The production deadline is 12 - 15 working days.

    Examples of offset printing

    Prices are for example: 230x80x330 mm brown bag with matt lamination, 400 pc. unlimited colors on both sides = 1.79€ / pc., prices excluding VAT.



    For all interested please contact us by e-mail or by phone +371 (238) 86 541.

    When placing an order, please, specify the print type (silk-screen or offset printing), type and size of the bag, quantity you need, laminating type (only for offset printing) and submit the best quality print file you have. Vector / curved file is required only for multi-colored products.